Helen looking at box ngen12RAC provides audits and technical reviews for facility programs in risk analysis and environmental monitoring. Our multi-disciplinary team possesses the skills needed to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of a program. We have the expertise to assess complex facilities and to address both chemicals and radioactive materials. External audits (informal or formal) are a requirement for some environmental regulations. We have performed audits for compliance with the Clean Air Act at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Independent technical reviews are frequently requested as part of a company’s ongoing quality assurance or periodic evaluation of the state of the art of methods being used. One example is RAC’s review of the environmental monitoring program and annual environmental report for the Savannah River Site. Our comments and suggestions resulted in significant changes to the format and content of the annual report, improvements in data management, and recommendations to increase the efficiency of monitoring locations.

Relevant projects: Audit of Los Alamos National Laboratory for Compliance with the Clean Air Act, MACCS2, and Lagrangian Puff Model Comparison