RACER Data Analysis Tool (DAT)

RAC’s cloud-based RACER Data Analysis Tool (DAT) incorporates relational databases and powerful user interface tools in a workflow developed by scientists that possess a deep understanding of the technical data-related demands of complicated environmental sites. The system offers great benefits in data analysis, document management, and user centralization and removes the need for users to install and maintain desktop software. The RACER DAT system was built to deliver solutions to our clients’ need for access to their data and associated answers to technical questions. In that context, development on the RACER platform is never ending as the RAC team continues to add features and enhancements to benefit its clients.

The RACER DAT is designed to be a user-friendly and intuitive application to provide regulators, facility personnel, and community members with dynamic access to very large and complex sets of environmental measurement data, along with various options to assist with interpreting the data. Regardless of the format of environmental data and other related information, these data and information should be easy to access. The DAT centralizes data and is web-accessible, providing a high degree of data integrity and availability as well as solid data security. The DAT allows the user to readily view the data, evaluate trends in concentrations, compare measured concentrations to standards and guidelines, and select and download data for estimating human health impacts or other more detailed analyses. Evaluations, analyses, and processes in the DAT are transparent, flexible, rapid, and repeatable, helping to foster trust and understanding for all parties involved. The DAT also serves as a communication tool that can help establish and maintain credibility with stakeholders.