What is RACER©?
 RACER© is an innovative approach developed by RAC that converts environmental data directly to human health risk to facilitate and enhance decision making and communication about risks from chemicals and radionuclides in the environment. RAC developed RACER to facilitate easy access to and use of environmental measurement data for a variety of applications, ranging from basic data evaluation to more complex exposure analysis and risk calculations. RACER integrates scientific approaches with data management expertise, informed by years of experience in dose and risk assessment. The result is an approach geared toward turning data into knowledge that can be effectively communicated to a diverse audience, starting with clear objectives and using integrated processes and flexible design to make technically sound decisions. This is accomplished through the implementation of customer-specific processes and tools with a focus on stakeholder interaction and sustainability.

RACER consists of three basic elements: managing information, converting information to knowledge, and communicating knowledge to decision makers and stakeholders. Data are maintained in a web-accessible database that accepts data as they are validated and uploaded. The user can select data for evaluation and convert them to knowledge using human health risk as a benchmark for ranking radionuclides, chemicals, pathways, or other criteria needed to make decisions. Knowledge about risk is communicated using graphic and tabular formats. The process is transparent, flexible, repeatable, and rapid, which enhances credibility and trust among decision makers and stakeholders. The fundamental principles used in RACER can be applied anywhere radionuclides or chemicals are present in the environment.

The RAC team collaborated with its partner, ddms, to build the RACER system on an AWS-based platform. RACER’s AWS infrastructure includes a high-availability architecture and leverages best security practices.

Implementing the RACER approach involves:

Defining clear objectives
Identifying and engaging stakeholders
Organizing and consolidating needed data and information
Making data accessible and useful for decision-making
Conducting iterative analyses that are transparent and flexible
Presenting decision-makers with clear results
Implementing an action and tracking its impacts
Evaluating and communicating the outcomes of an action against the objective


RACER© Tools

The RACER approach is supported by a suite of software and other tools designed to efficiently implement the RACER process. These tools can be tailored to a client’s specific needs.

Database | Data Analysis Tool | Risk Calculation Tool | Decision Support Tool