RCT_ResultsRAC has a great deal of experience in developing and applying methods to determine how people may be exposed to contaminants in the environment and in assessing the health effects associated with such exposures. Depending on the situation, this may involve piecing together evidence to evaluate past exposures for historical dose reconstruction, evaluating the present-day situation at a facility or location and, if appropriate, the likely future impacts, or assessing the potential impact of planned or unplanned releases.

RAC team members have breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in estimating health risks and identifying uncertainties in risks for people exposed to chemical and radioactive materials. We use state-of-the-art methods to conduct exposure and toxicological assessments and risk characterizations, and we excel at presenting results to technical audiences and the public alike.

Relevant projects: Fernald Dosimetry Reconstruction Project, Rocky Flats Historical Public Exposures Project, Assessment of Cerro Grande Fire, Rocky Flats Soil Action Level Project, Risk-based Screening for Releases to the Columbia River at Hanford, Uravan Historical Dose Reconstruction, Apollo Historical Dose Reconstruction, San Ildefonso Tribal Risk Assessment, Atomic Veterans Study

Selected Publications